The ‘carbon footprint’ already today is the center of public discussion and in future will be an important sales argument.

Your company uses materials economically and selectively. A potential use of secondary resources and recycling materials is fully tested and implemented. In this case, you find yourself in exceptional circumstances compared to your competitors.

If themes like “CO²-Bilanz” and “recycling” might be interesting for your company, however, not yet explored, KAISERMINING is your partner.

Due to long-lasting experience in disposal and recycling, we examine your material use and possible alternative materials from the field of secondary resources. In many branches, recycling material still has the stigma of “inferior” or “cheap”. This prejudice results from the beginnings of recycling and has long been obsolete. Today, recycling material might not always be inexpensive in procurement, however, might result much more economically in production. Significant advantages are first, a supply guarantee from “urban mining” and thus a decoupling from possible fluctuations of the raw material markets. Second, your product and your company will be re-valuated by a climate-friendly production.

Explore with KAISERMINING the potential of a sustainable, resource-friendly material management in your company. You will be surprised what all is possible!